Celebrating 10 Years of Innovation

It is an unfortunate fact that more than 50% of all new businesses in the UK don’t make it beyond their fifth anniversary; so it is with a real sense of gratitude and accomplishment that we are able to announce Olmec’s 10th anniversary in business and embark upon our commemorative celebrations. 
What is the secret to our success and longevity? Quite simply, it is our remarkable people, our pioneering customers and our aligned philosophies.  We thrive together by collectively aspiring, learning, evolving and innovating; we are courageous, we strive for excellence, we explore possibilities and we are not afraid to take a risk.  Our combined efforts mean that today we are better and stronger than we were yesterday, and tomorrow we will raise the bar a little higher again, so that we may be stronger than we are today.
Here’s to everything we have achieved together so far and here’s to all that we may achieve in the future.  Happy 10th Anniversary Olmec!