Vision inspection the Olmec way...

We are passionate about engineering and specialists in the field of manufacturing. We thrive on the challenge of meeting our clients’ needs precisely; delivering the perfect, user friendly solution.


HOW we do it

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Designing to match the



Meeting our customers’
needs exactly

User Experience

Delivering user friendly & low maintenance systems

Meet our Team


With an experienced, cross disciplined team, we keep the fundamentals in-house, so you know your project is in safe hands.


Robert Pounder

Managing Director

Driven by innovation and with an inherent ability to translate a customer’s proposition into a robust and reliable solution tailored to their unique requirements; Robert is by nature an engineer, passionate about quality and with an ability to build lasting relationships. What’s more, he is notoriously good at arm wrestling!


Rob Newton

Controls & Automation Engineer

Motivated by complex challenges which others may turn away from, Rob loves to think outside the box and use modern technology to solve a problem. Highly experienced in process trouble shooting, Rob is great at fault finding and PLC programming. With 5 grandsons under the age of 5 years old Rob needs plenty of energy and good humour, which fortunately for us he has in abundance!

Petra Millberg


On a quest to continually learn new things, Petra is an intrinsic member of the design team. With a keen eye for detail, her experience and enthusiasm is appreciated by both colleagues and customers alike. Petra loves food, whether cooking or experiencing different food cultures, she has adventurous tastebuds!



Adam Jackson

Senior Software Engineer

A talented developer, quality focussed and with an almost obsessive drive to learn and to share knowledge. Adam enjoys the process of creating robust and maintainable systems, without the need to compromise on quality. His passion for programming led him to create a full emulator for the 1956 Ferranti Pegasus.



Malcolm Horner

Business Development Manager

Dedicated to sustainable business growth and driven by the quality of the solutions Olmec offer, Malcolm, with many years working within the vision industry, is skilled in identifying customer needs and guiding them to the best solution available. If that wasn’t enough, he was also 1977 Belle Vue Skateboard Champion and still has the trophy to prove it! (Ask him to show you!)

Jamie Edlin

Precision CNC

Passionate about working with cutting edge technology and dedicated to the pursuit of continuous improvement, Jamie enjoys the synergy which comes from working within an environment where every person is at the top of their game. Not only is Jamie a highly proficient machinist he is also able to turn his hand to poetry as and when required!


Ryan Swain


Passionate about high performance systems demanding powerful hardware and crazy about cameras, sensors, optics and lighting. Ryan is talented at combining the precise hardware to create the perfect system for our customer’s needs – technical wizardry! Incidentally, he was named after Ryan O’Neal the actor and amateur boxer! (Look him up!)


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