Case Study

Seal Inspection


“The introduction of this system has made a huge improvement to our production processes. In the event that the line shows a prolonged stoppage the data enables the reject images of that time to be assessed so that the problem can be identified. We are now able to understand the exact reason why the stoppage occurred.”

Leading Wound Care Manufacturer
Quality Manager

In Short:

An inspection system which ensures no defective product reaches the customer!

The Challenge

Manufacturers of wound care products have historically relied heavily on human visual inspection to check for empty pouches, pouches with the incorrect amount of dressings and dressings trapped in seals. Not only is this a labour intensive process it has also proved unreliable. An industrial vision inspection solution was the natural alternative.

Our Solution

An inspection system which ensures there is no possibility of defective product reaching the customer. Integrated into production lines and capable of handling different packaging speeds and end of line collation systems, the inspection brings minimal disruption to our customers’ current line and can link in with the existing reject mechanism. The Olmec system handles the entire passage of the product from triggering the camera for inspection to initiating the reject mechanism. The outcome is automatic rejection of ‘out of spec’ product.

Where to next?

The system can also check for product dimensions, outer packaging quality and codes through to dirt, debris and dust. It features full validation documentation including IQ and OQ functional testing.